Spoiling is knocking the ball out of the hands of an opponent who is attempting to mark. It is an effective method of preventing an opponent from marking or gaining possession of the ball. Once again, when spoiling, especially from behind, the spoiling player must not infringe by making contact with his opponent’s back, head or shoulders. If performed correctly, spoiling can be an attacking skill, whereby the ball can be placed to the advantage of teammates.

Chest mark spoil

  • Approach the opponent from one side.
  • Keep your eyes on the ball.
  • Punch the ball with a clenched fist before it reaches the opponent’s arm.

Overhead mark spoil

  • This spoil should be used when a player is not confident of marking.
  • The fist should be clenched and arms outstretched (“long arms”) at point of contact with the ball.
  • As with marking, the spoiling player’s run must be timed to gain maximum height with the arm following straight through the flight of the ball.
  • Be careful not to put the other hand on the back of an opponent’s neck (this is an infringement).