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Australian Football International (AFI) is the global development body of Footy 9s, encompassing men’s, women’s and junior participation and competition.

AFI’s long-term objective is to secure the inclusion of Footy 9s in the 2040 Olympic Games.

AFI has its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.

Member countries are classified as either Full, Associate or Emerging Members. Please click on the links below for more information.

Full Members are countries where Footy 9s programs have been established for men, women and juniors.

Associate Members are countries where Footy 9s is firmly established and organised, but do not qualify for Full Membership.

Emerging Members are countries where Footy 9s has been recently established, with the aim of growing and developing Footy 9s.

Multicultural Members are teams based in Australia, which compete in AFI tournaments and are keen to support the growth of Footy 9s internationally.

ADMITTANCE PROCESSPromotion from Associate status by AFI upon application.
ADMITTANCE CRITERIAEstablished league in existence; ability to participate in international matches; suitable administrative structure.
ADMITTANCE PROCESSPromotion from Emerging Member status by AFI upon application.
ADMITTANCE CRITERIAIncorporated Body; Minimum of 4 senior teams in organised competition.
ADMITTANCE PROCESSUpon application to AFI.
ADMITTANCE CRITERIASome Footy 9s played locally; an official contact person for Footy 9s in the country.