The role of the ruckman (jumper) is a crucial one. A good ruckman sets up play for his teammates. To create opportunities for his smaller, running players, it is important that a ruckman has the skill to direct the ball to his teammate’s best advantage.

Palming to the Front – One Hand

  • Watch the ball through the air and leap off one foot using the arms and other leg to gain lift.
  • The arm is swung forward.
  • The ball is hit with the open palm and fingers and directed with a straight follow-through.

Palming to the Front – Two Hands

  • The hands are positioned behind the ball and the ball is hit with both open hands simultaneously.
  • The ball is directed with a follow-through towards the target.

Palming to the Forehand

  • The player leaps for the ball and contacts it with the open palm.
  • In the hitting action, the arm should be straight with a follow-through in the desired direction across the body.

Palming to the Backhand

  • The player leaps off one leg and the arm is bent immediately before impact.
  • The arm is straightened at the elbow and the ball is directed to the backhand side with the open hand.

Palming over the Back

  • The player leaps and with a straight arm reaches forward and overhead.
  • The ball is hit with an open hand over the shoulder towards the target.