Pick-up: Moving Ball

Many different situations occur during a game when the ball must be picked up off the ground. Players need to become competent at meeting and handling a moving ball.

  • The body is in line behind the path of the ball in a semi-crouched position.
  • The arms and hands are extended with the fingers almost touching the ground, plams towards the ball.
  • The ball is picked up cleanly in two hands. The elbows are kept close together.
  • The ball is then brought into the hands for disposal. Eyes on the ball at all times.

Tip: It is important that the player be in a crouched position to cover the situation where the ball shoots along the ground. Always try to keep the ball in front of you so that you can pick it up on the second try if necessary.

Pick-up: Stationary Ball
One-Handed Pick-Up

  • The ball is approached to one side.
  • The player runs slightly past the ball then swings one arm down with his hand scooping under the ball.
  • The free arm can be used to steady the ball, once it is picked up.

Two-Handed Pick-Up
The ball is approached from the side. As the player draws level with the ball, he bends down and picks up the ball cleanly with two hands.

Tip: Leave the ball stationary on the ground and practise by walking through to pick it up. Gradually progress from jogging to running through.