Aussie Rules is built around the kick. A goal can be scored only by a kick. A mark can be taken only after the ball has been kicked at least 15 metres.

When kicking to another player or kicking for goal, the ball is dropped so that its end hits the lower laces of the boot, causing the ball to spin end-over-end.

Kicking is probably the most individual skill in Aussie Rules. It is important players learn the right technique so they can (a) kick under pressure, (b) pass the ball accurately to a teammate and (c) use the ball to the best advantage of their team when kicking from a set position.

Main Teaching Points

  • Line up your body with your target with your head slightly bent over the ball.
  • Hold the ball over the thigh of the kicking leg.
  • Guide the ball down with one hand.
  • Point your toes at your target — see the ball hit the foot.
  • Follow through straight towards the target.

1. The Grip
The fingers are spread evenly along each side of the ball, with thumbs extending to the lacing. The grip is the same for both left and right foot kicks.

2. The Release
The ball is guided down and is kicked on the bottom point, along the lower laces of the boot. It should spin in a backwards end over end fashion.