One of the great features of Aussie Rules is its free-wheeling nature. A player in possession can run as far as they like, as long as they bounce the ball every 15 metres.

Main Teaching Points

  • The ball is held slightly on top by the bouncing hand.
  • The ball is pushed down with one hand.
  • The ball strikes the ground at an angle of about 45 degrees.
  • The ball is bounced far enough in front so that it will bounce into the player’s hands as they run forward.

The distance at which the ball is thrown out in front is directly related to the player’s speed – the faster they are running, the further out in front it must be thrown.

General Coaching Hints
Begin with:

  • Bend over and bounce the ball standing still.
  • Standing and bouncing, and then extend to walking and bouncing.
  • Running in straight lines, and extend to weaving and dodging.
  • Add an opponent to chase.

Being able to bounce the ball with both hands will enable you to guide the ball down better and kick with either foot.

Wet weather bounce
On wet days, the ball will skid away or fail to bounce back. In this case, it should be touched on the ground, using both hands.