1. I am keen to play, how do I register?
It’s very easy, simply complete the online registration form.

2. How do I get my favourite number on the back of my jumper?
Numbers will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. So the sooner you register, the more likely your chances of getting the number you want.

4. Where is the playing venue?
The first International Rules tournament was held in Keysborough. The feedback from most players and umpires was that it was too far away. The next International Rules tournament will be held much closer to the city. The venue has not been confirmed as yet, but venues like Gosch’s Paddock in the inner city are an option.

5. Why is it being played on an Australian Football oval?
We would love to play on a dedicated rectangular Gaelic football field, but the reality is we are in Melbourne, not Ireland. There are plenty of footy ovals but not many Gaelic fields. So it is much, much easier to find a footy oval to play on, and in a central location as well.

5. Will there be an after party?
Yes! Keysborough was too far away to do anything, but this time we will be much closer to the city, so we will go for a beer (or two) afterwards, to be sure!