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World 9s a Huge Success

7 February 2021

An initiative of Australian Football International (AFI), the inaugural World 9s were held in Melbourne in 2019. It was a historic day for our great game, as we launched our strategy to have Footy 9s included in the Olympic Games.

The World 9s returned to Melbourne on 6 February, 2021. The venue was the Box Hill Rugby Union Football Club, which enjoys great facilities, including 3 full size rugby fields. It was a huge success, with the competition expanding from 8 to 16 teams.

The competing teams included:
Division 1 Men’s – Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Ireland, Samoa, South Sudan
Division 2 Men’s – Chile, South Africa, Tonga, Great Britain, Switzerland, United Nations
Women’s – Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, United Nations

AFI CEO Brian Clarke was delighted with the day. “The playing rules that we have developed enable our great game to be played on any rectangular field in the world. The potential to expand Footy 9s internationally is very, very exciting.”


Round 1
South Africa 11 d. Great Britain 1
Tonga 6 d. United Nations 5
Chile 8 d. Switzerland 2
New Zealand 7 d. Australia 5
Ireland 9 d. Samoa 5
South Sudan 10 d. Italy 4
Ireland Women 3 d. Australia Women 1
New Zealand Women 2 d. United Nations Women 1

Round 2
Samoa 15 d. New Zealand 2
South Sudan 18 d. Australia 2
Ireland 8 d. Italy 2
South Africa 6 d. Tonga 2
Switzerland 7 d. Great Britain 4
Chile 6 d. United Nations 3
Australia Women 4 d. New Zealand Women 2
Ireland Women 9 d. United Nations Women 0

Round 3
Australia Women 6 d. United Nations Women 1
New Zealand Women 7 d. Ireland Women 5
Italy 8 d. New Zealand 5
Samoa 15 d. Australia 3
South Sudan 7 d. Ireland 4
Chile 12 d. South Africa 4
Tonga 8 d. Great Britain 1
Switzerland 8 d. United Nations 5


Women’s Division – Ireland 8 d. Australia 2
Best on Ground: Sharon Mulligan (Ireland)

Division 2 – Chile 7 d. South Africa 4
Best on Ground: Jorge Enmebaragesi (Chile)

Division 1 – South Sudan 9 d. Samoa 5
Best on Ground: Bior Malual (South Sudan)

Tournament MVP
Mykelti Lefau (Samoa)