Playing Australia’s national sport, Australian Rules Football, in Asia, the UK, and the Americas. That is what the Southern Slugs exist for.

For most of our tours we travel as a Over 35s team, entering Masters Football tournaments. Our name, “The Slugs”, is a reflection of how fast all are now compared to our heyday!

Whilst our early beginnings were as a group of Old Scholars Footballers in their mid 30s/early 40s, wanting a bit more adventure in their lives, our touring parties now see a lot of country football legends coming away on that end of career, swansong trip. Ex AFL Players also see this as a way to stay engaged in playing the game they love, whilst also getting to see the world.

To see how much it means to travel beyond our shores to play our great game in other countries, you only need to hear Bob Skilton, John Nicholls, and Ron Barassi talk about what it meant to tour with Harry Beizel’s, “The Galahs”.

With over 50 countries of the world now playing Australian Rules Football, the Southern Slugs just pick the best places to travel to, and then, with putting up a set of goal posts on a sports playing field, get to add playing a game or two of ‘Aussie Rules Football’.

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