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Australian Football has a proud history in South Africa. Unfortunately, however, there has been little to no matches played in recent years. This has resulted from a combination of both covid and the significant loss of AFL funding.

The aim is to recapture the excitement that used to exist for the development of the game in South Africa. It is time for a new approach and a new energy.

It is vital that, moving forward, priority is given to the establishment of senior clubs and competitions. The focus must be on playing regular matches, creating opportunities for players, coaches, officials and umpires.

The role of AFI South Africa will be to grow and develop Footy 9s in South Africa. The focus will be on ensuring the game is successful and sustainable. As a result our aims and objectives include:

  • Adoption of Footy 9s to enable easier access to playing fields
  • Creation of senior clubs and competitions in all 9 Provinces, with initial focus being the North West
  • Establishment of an annual national tournament, the South Africa 9s
  • Ensuring the best players are selected to play for the national team, the South Africa Lions
  • Establishment of female clubs
  • Creation of a national women’s team, the South Africa Lionesses
  • Identifying and securing major sponsors. Initial funding will be used to provide senior clubs with jumpers & footballs, to enable competitions to commence
  • Lobbying and securing inclusion of Footy 9s in the African Games
  • Resumption of playing tours by Australian teams
  • Forming relationships with expat South African communities in Australia
  • Embracing ideas and innovation, recognising that everyone involved in growing the game in Africa is a valuable and valued stakeholder