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This page has been created as a Tournament FAQ for players and officials participating in the 2024 Harmony Cup in Melbourne.

What is the date of the Harmony Cup?
Sunday 10 March, 2024

Where is the venue?
The 2024 Harmony Cup will be held at Livingston Reserve, the home of the Cranbourne Football Netball Club.
The exact address is Livingston Reserve, Eliburn Drive, Cranbourne East.

Who are the competing teams?
Division 1 Men: Druze Victoria, Fiji, South Sudan,
Division 2 Men: Israel, Cook Islands, Nauru.
Women’s Division: Fiji, Ireland, New Zealand. South Sudan (TBC)

What is the fixture?
The full fixture will be released soon.
Please note the first matches will start at 10.00am.
The 3 Grand Finals will start at:
– 4.00pm (Women’s)
– 4.50pm (Div 2)
– 5.40pm (Div 1)

What are the playing rules?
Normal AFL (18 per side) rules.

Is there parking?
Yes, there is plenty of parking at the venue.

What are the facilities?
The facilities, including the two playing fields, electronic scoreboard, clubhouse, changing rooms, umpire’s room and toilets, are excellent. There is even a playground for the kids if they need to burn off some extra energy.

What do I need to bring?
There is no grandstand at the venue, and only a few benches to sit on. As a result, we suggest you bring your own folding camping chair to sit on during the day. Please also bring a hat and sunscreen.

I’m Bringing 3, including Me!
As you know, it is going to be a much better experience if we play in front of a decent crowd at the Harmony Cup. We are asking each player and official to bring not only yourself, but 2 other people as well. They can be your parents, partner, kids, mates etc. Remember, it’s free entry to the event. Thanks very much, appreciate your help in making sure we have a great crowd (and great atmosphere) on the day!

Can we bring a team marquee?
Yes. Please remember that, due to Council requirements, marquees can’t be secured just via rope and peg, they need to be weighted down as well.

Is there food & drink on sale?
Yes, the Cranbourne Football Netball Club will be selling food & drinks. The club has bent over backwards to support the event, so please support them throughout the day.

What can I not bring?
Please do not bring any alcohol. The Football Club has a liquor license and you can purchase drinks from the bar during the day.

If you are taking photos and posting on Instagram on the day, it would be great if you could include the hashtags #aflinternational and #harmonycup. Thank you!

What is the weather forecast?
As the Harmony Cup approaches, you can keep an eye on the weather here.

What do I do after my last match?
There will be 3 great grand finals to watch on Field 1, and you can purchase a cold beer from the bar and watch some great footy. Let’s create a great atmosphere for the teams in the finals.