Darwin 9s logoDARWIN 9s FAQ

This FAQ has been put together for teams interested in competing in the Darwin 9s in August 2022.

It follows on from the great success of the inaugural Darwin 9s in 2021!

What is the date?
Saturday 20 August, 2022

Where is the venue?
The venue is Rugby Park, Marrara.

What are the teams?
The plan is to run an 8 team women’s competition, with two Divisions of 4 teams. Division 1 will consist of teams of a higher standard (Premier).

The format will be:
Division 1 – 4 teams, with each team playing each other once. The top 2 teams will then play in the grand final.
Division 2 – 4 teams, with each team playing each other once. The top 2 teams will then play in the grand final.

The beauty of this format is that all teams will have something to play for, and teams in Division 2 don’t have to worry about getting hammered by the opposition.

Can we enter teams in both Division 1 and Division 2?

What is the cost per player?
The cost to participate is only $65 per player. Your tournament fees cover the substantial costs of running the event, which include venue costs, insurance, first aid, umpires, trophies & medals, photographers and filming. Our major aim is to to ensure that all players, teams and officials enjoy a fantastic day!

What are the playing rules?
The playing rules can be found at https://aflinternational.com/darwin9s/match-rules

How many players can we have in our team?
You can have a maximum of 15 people in your team. The format is 9 players on the field – 3 forwards, 3 midfielders and 3 backs. As it is a fast paced format, we suggest you have a minimum of 4 players on your bench.

Is there an age limit?
Yes, all players must be a minimum of 15 years of age.

What are the timings?
The tournament will kick off at 10.00am, with each team playing a minimum of 3 matches.
Matches will commence every 40 minutes to facilitate a carnival type atmosphere
Each match consists of 2 x 15 minute halves, plus 3 minutes for half-time.
The two top teams in each Division will progress through to the Grand Finals, which will start at 3.00pm.
3.00pm – Division 2 Grand Final & Presentations
4.00pm – Division 1 Grand Final & Presentations