Australian Convicts jumper

Who are the Australian Convicts?
The Australian Convicts were formed by Australian Football International (AFI) to help grow and develop our great game internationally.

The Convicts have previously conducted highly successful playing tours to Europe, South Africa, USA/Canada and South America.

Anyone involved in footy in Australia can apply to join the Convicts. All you need is the passion to help promote our great game internationally and a love of travel.

Why travel with us?
The opportunity to wear the green and gold and play footy overseas does not come around every day! Seeing the world, having fun and helping to develop our great game internationally, make our tours a unique and amazing experience!

At what dates will applications close?
Spaces are limited so it is advisable to apply as early as possible. If you are wanting to apply but unsure if places are still available please contact us for an update as to availability.

Is the tour just for players?
No, we also have positions available on for coaches, team managers, umpires and supporters.

Am I eligible to play?
At the time of departure all players must be a minimum age of 18 and hold a valid passport with at least six months validity.

How many games will I play?
The tour will feature two matches against South Africa’s national team.

What is the playing format?
Both matches will be played under the rules of Footy 9s, a new and exciting version of Australian Rules Football. To see how Footy 9s is played, please click here.

What position will I play?
You will be allocated a position commensurate with both team balance and your playing experience. Every effort will be made to place players in their preferred positions.

What do I need to bring?
Apart from your passport, luggage and your spending money, you will need your boots and training gear. You will be supplied with an official Australian Convicts playing and travel uniform, including jumper, shorts, socks, shirt and cap.

Will I get to wear my favourite jumper number?
Numbers will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. So the sooner you apply to join the tour, the better!

Do I have to pay up front for the total tour?
No. We have a payment schedule that will make the process a lot easier.

How do I secure my place on the tour?
Once we have approved your application to join the tour, an initial deposit of $500 will secure your place on the tour. Initial deposits are paid directly to secure your flights and accommodation and as such are non-refundable. We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance to cover for any unforeseen cancellations.

What is included with my payment?
All inclusions are listed on the itinerary page. We have made the tours as inclusive as possible without any hidden costs. Any items not listed in the itinerary inclusions will be at your own expense.

Who can I contact for further information?
Please send us an email or contact Anthony on 0411 506 558.