Australian Convicts

If you want to experience the best football high, go on a Convicts tour. The mix of great footy, meeting other like minded footy guys and seeing the world is just incredible.
Kurt Bullock

I thought the Convicts Tour was the best way to travel, not only did I get to play football overseas and experience the local cultures, I was able to make some great friendships along the way as well.
Michael Lindfield

The tour was sensational, action packed from start to finish. Football, friends and relaxing – the perfect combination to enjoy all corners of the world. I recommend all to take the next tour available.
Daniel O’Reilly

What an experience. To get the opportunity to travel the globe and represent Australia in Aussie Rules was just amazing. To coach a group of people who basically met at the airport was both interesting and fun. I would recommend to anyone who has the chance to be a part of a Convict tour, to go for it. One of the best footy trips that I have been on. I had an absolute ball.
Coach Sean Millane

The inaugural 2003 Convict World Tour to Europe and the UK was quite simply an awesome experience. Awesome footy, awesome travel and most importantly awesome mates. There is nothing better than spending three weeks touring around some of the most famous parts of the world playing Aussie Rules Footy with 20 of your best mates. The fun times shared and experiences had will stay with me forever.
Anthony Dhillon

This was the the most unique tour I have ever been on! To play footy in South Africa and see the country was a memorable experience. I made many great friends and look forward to touring again!
Hugh Stern

The guys were amazingly unique, and everything you ever heard about a footy trip is true! In South Africa we saw the most amazing scenery and animals. We met and played with beautiful people and the football clinics would have to be the most satisfying and joyful time many of us have ever experienced. International Footy via the Convicts – IT’S LIFE CHANGING!!
Betty Lloyd