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Footy 9s is a fun and exciting new version of Aussie Rules Football.

All teams at the AFL Footy 9s Carnival are mixed (men & women) and all matches are non-contact.


  • All matches are played on Rugby fields.
  • Each team consists of 9 players – 3 forwards, 3 midfielders and 3 backs.
  • The game starts with a jump ball in the middle of the field (and after each goal).
  • A goal is scored when the ball is kicked through the posts. There are no behind posts.
  • When the ball hits any part of the posts and continues through, it is a goal.
  • When the ball hits any part of the posts and comes back into the field, it is play on.
  • The ball is moved around the field by either a kick or handball. No kicking off the ground is permitted.
  • When the ball goes out of bounds by either foot or hand, the nearest opponent shall kick the ball in.
  • Players can go anywhere on the field and there is no off-side rule.

Footy 9s rugby field