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Austus was a hybrid sport created in Australia during World War II when soldiers stationed from the USA wanted to play football against the Australians. The name comes from the first four letters of Australia (AUST) and the initials of the United States (US).

Australian Football International (AFI) is excited to announce that, after an absence of more than 70 years, Austus will finally be returning to Melbourne!

Australia will take on the USA in the inaugural Austus Bowl – an exciting combination of American and Australian Football.

To make the format as fun and inclusive as possible, both teams will be mixed (men & women) and the match will be non-contact (no tackling).

Event Format

  • Australia v USA
  • Gosch’s Paddock, Melbourne
  • 9-a-side (maximum of 15 players per team)
  • Match will consist of 4 x 20 minute quarters
  • Trophy & medals for the winning team
  • Longest Kick v. Longest Throw competition
  • After party for players, officials & supporters
USA Eagles jumper front
Australia Kangaroos jumper front

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