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1. I’ve never played AFL 7s, is it hard to learn?
AFL 7s is very simple to play. 2-3 games will see you master the basic skills and the more you play the better you will become. As long as you are keen to get involved you will develop the skills to enjoy yourself on the field

2. Am I too busy to play?
You are never too busy to have fun whilst getting fit! You will play one game per week, which will go for 40 minutes.

3. How fit do I have to be to play?
People of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels play. You will find that over the season your personal fitness levels will increase. AFL 7s is a great way to exercise and your improve your fitness.

4. What do I need to play?
All you need is gym gear and a pair of trainers or boots.

5. What does it cost to play?
Team Registration is $800 per team, which includes 8 games (including finals). So for a team of 10 people it is only $80 each for the season. Individual Player Registration is $80 per person.

6. How long are the games?
A game of AFL 7s is 40 minutes (2 x 20 minute halves).

7. How big is the field?
The field is 100m x 60m i.e. approximately the size of a soccer or rugby field.

8. How many people play in a team?
Each team has 7 players on the field. We also recommend you get together a squad of 10 players to allow for people being absent due to work etc.

9. What is the male/female ratio in a Mixed Team?
Mixed teams must have a minimum of 2 females on the field.

10. I don’t have a team, what do I do?
We can make up teams from individuals like yourself, and then once that team has filled will enter it as a team, so check with us where you wish to play.