Footy X action

Footy X is a fun and exciting new sport that combines the skills of Soccer, Aussie Rules and Basketball.

Why Footy X?
Footy X is:

  • eXciting
  • eXtreme
  • eXcellent fun!

Footy X
Targeted at males and females of all ages and abilities, Footy X is a new and exciting sport. It is easy to play, not physically demanding, can be played by all ages and genders and, most importantly, has an emphasis on fun and safety. Played in a friendly social environment, it enables people of all ages and ability levels to participate.

There are 2 versions of Footy X – full tackling and non-contact.

The non-contact game is played between two teams of 9 players – 3 defenders, 3 forwards and 3 midfielders. One of the defenders is the goalkeeper.

The game is played on a soccer field. Like soccer, the object is to score more goals than the opposing team.

The ball is moved around the field by kicking or by handballing the ball. So every one gets to use their hands, not just the goalkeeper.

The ball can be moved forward or backwards and there is no off-side rule. Players must bounce the ball when they run more than 10 metres.

There is no tackling – when a player is touched they must dispose of the ball by kicking or handballing. Throwing the ball is not allowed.

The ball can be kicked as in Soccer, handballed as in Aussie Rules and bounced as in Basketball. So Football X combines the skills of 3 different sports – 3 times the fun!