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Do you have a passion for Australian Football? Would you like to make a difference by helping to promote and develop our great game internationally? If you answered yes, read on!

AFI is pleased to announce our new Footy 9s Olympic Ambassador program. This is a fantastic opportunity to become involved in both the multicultural and international growth of Footy 9s.

It’s also a great opportunity the chance to be a part of history as we lobby for the inclusion of Footy 9s in the Olympic Games!

Please click on the button below to register!


Role Description

  • Promote both multicultural and international footy through your networks
  • Build relationships within your community
  • Assist with the distribution of information to community groups
  • Assist with AFI events and activities, including the Harmony Cup, World 9s and Touch Footy World Cup

Benefits for Footy 9s Olympic Ambassadors

  • The opportunity to be involved in an exciting new era for Footy 9s
  • Help grow and develop the sport internationally
  • Be a part of history as we push for Footy 9s to become an Olympic sport
  • Looks great on your CV, adding to your skills and credentials