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Aussie Rules UK (ARUK) was established in London as a pilot project for international development. Commencing in 2005, ARUK grew rapidly with over 10,000 children participating in its flagship program, Aussie Rules Schools. Additionally ARUK also established Coaching and Umpiring Courses for schoolteachers to ensure ensure participatory continuity.

In addition to its core programs supported by the UK and Australian business communities and its senior club National League, ARUK also established many firsts for Australian Football internationally with major achievements including:

  • Inclusion in the London Youth Games (Europe’s largest junior sports tournament)
  • Creating and hosting the inaugural EU Cup (European Championship) in London
  • 1st Women’s match in Europe – Anzac Sports Challenge London
  • 1st international junior match in Europe (England v Denmark – Copenhagen)
  • Establishment of the Dragon Cup (England v Wales)
  • Establishment of the Kangaroo Cup (England v Irish Exiles)
  • Aussie Rules Gala Day in London (involving 300 children from 19 schools)